Thai body to body massage in delhi

Traditional Thai Massage or Thai Massage is a millennial technique that is performed on a futon on the floor, applying to the whole body, from head to to toe.

Its origin is millennial, it was created by the doctor close to Buddha with the intention of maintaining his health and that of his disciples in an optimum state, Dr. Shivago was called, he was collecting all the techniques that seemed interesting to him of the different Asian medicines during the course of peregrination with his patient, emphasizing like main the yogic philosophy and the Ayurveda medicine.

With the passage of time, two different methods of application were created, one using more the digitopuntura and the other the opening of the body with extensive stretching, both without modifying or altering the curative principles or general therapeutic objectives, since these techniques are the ones in charge To unlock both the physical, emotional and mental body, allowing them to be in perfect harmony avoiding the disease or imbalance.

It is a deep body therapy, which uses pressures and stretches to rebalance the physical, mental and emotional aspects. The pressures are made with the fingers, hands, feet and elbows of the therapist, who follows the energetic lines of the body. It is indicated to eliminate contractures, release muscular tensions and improve blood and lymphatic circulation, while activating the metabolism.

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